Happy Puppies



Happy Puppies

We're not just a Guild.
We're a family.


Happy Puppies was created the 15th of July 2010 but back then we had the name "Not Dead Yet". We didn't keep that name for very long though, to be honest, that name is crap and none of us really liked it, so when a friend of mine came up with the name "Happy Puppies" we changed it.

After that Happy Puppies has been a pretty active guild, we had some problems for a while and decided that to make the guild active again we would need a new start, with a new name and new members. So I kicked out everyone except a few special members and changed the name to "Kawaii". It was a name we all liked, at least for a while, but soon the name started to sound boring. It didn't really have any personality.

So when the guild once again started to die, we changed it back to Happy Puppies, and since then, we had our problems, but the guils still stand. We love the name and we love our guild.

We're not just a guild, we're a family.

Right now

About the guild:
Happy Puppies is an active, friendly guild who are mostly focusing on having fun.
We do Guild Tournament when we feel like it, have small guild events and sometimes we have a friendly Guild War. We got our own forum, home page and also a facebook page, we’re very active on Skype and we love to just hang around and chat with friends.

Master and Admins:
Master: Svala
Admins: Omelette, Niwy, Impercussus

How to join:
We’re not trying to get a big and powerful guild, for us it’s more important to have fun and to stay friends. We give pretty much everyone a chance, but if you don't follow the rules we won't let you stay. We don't want a lot of drama, and not following the rules is something that cause problems for us as a guild.

If you want to join, simply contact one of the Admins. They'll help you out.

Level requirement:
Academy Members: 60

Guild members alt characters: 40

Others: 60

Even if you hit level 60 in the academy it doesn't mean you will be allowed in the guild. You need to follow the rules while being in the academy and you need to know what Happy Puppies stands for. Read our rules, ask if you want to know something more and make sure you listen to what we say. We don't invite people who doesn't listen while being in the academy and the fact that you once get invited to the guild doesn't mean you will stay there. If you don't follow our rules we will kick you out.

When you're a member:
Awesome, you are now a Happy Puppy! But it doesn't end quite yet and sadly all of you won't stay for ever.
We hold hard on our rules to keep the guild friendly, so make sure you follow them. Second chances can be made if you have a good excuse to break the rules, but we highly recommend you to not try your luck.