Happy Puppies


Master and Admins

Judgment of the people in the situation is not helpful. How can you help them is the question.

 - Russell Simmons
Guild Master
Real name: Sandra Karlsson
What people call me: Sandra, Sassa, Spindra
Age: 23
Main Character: Svala - 110 Ranger
Country:  Sweden
Speaks: Swedish, English
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Class: Cleric
If I had to choose another class I would be: Mage
Other games I play: League of Legends, Life is Strange
Interests: Reading, writing, gaming, listening to music.
Favourite Books: Harry Potter, Eragon, House of Night
Favourite Movie: Now You see me, Tokio Hotel - Caught on Camera, V for Vendetta
Music I listen to: Tokio Hotel, McBusted, Fler, Bushido, Kay One, Chakuza, Linkin Park, Paramore, I can go on forever. Right now I listen to a lot of German music.
Favourite Quote:  "Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."

This is me:

My name is Sandra, I'm the leader and creator of Happy Puppies. I have been playing Fiesta for four years, give or take, with a few breaks of course.
I'm mostly a nice person, but I have an extremely short temper and can snap within seconds. However, I cool down very fast again and I find it hard to stay angry with someone for long.

I'm an Alien since 6 years, in other words, I'm a Tokio Hotel fan. I'm also a dog lover, music freak, Gamer and writer. I spend almost all my time online, and if you can't find me in game I'm most likely writing my next chapter, either for my Fantasy Series or one of my many Fan Fictions. If I'm not in game you can mostly find me on either Skype, Facebook or twitter though, so I'm rarely impossible to reach.

I work very hard with the guild, and have done so for five years now. If you ever need help feel free to contact me, I will do my best to help you out.


Real name: Jon Latham
What people call me: Jon or Cookie
Age: I can't remember, 19 I think
Main character: Omelotte - 110 HolyKnight
Country: England!!
Speaks: English!!

Favourite Colour:  Neon green or blue
Favourite Class: Cleric
If I had to choose another class I would be: Archer
Other games I play: Guild Wars 2, Realm of the Mad God, Borderlands 2 (when it comes out)
Interests: Gaming, thinking, and not thinking
Favourite Book: :/ if I had to pick one, it would probably be something by Terry Pratchett. Maybe Wintersmith or something
Favourite Movie: Independence Day!
Music I listen to: Owl City
favourite Quote: "I didn't hear the fat lady sing!" "shut up about the fat lady, you're obsessed with he fat lady!"
This is me:
I'm a happy chappy, here it is in video format: if you're still reading, here is something else about me
just got into university, (yer it's wonderful thanks for asking), and I spend most my free time talking to friends and gaming in general. Been within this realm for 19, almost 20, years and finding life so far; quite frustrating to begin with, but it gets better later on, right? Anyways, my general outlook on life is all is well. And anything going on in my head usually isn't a good idea to tell anyone about it because I'm weird :P


Real name: Elin Karlsson
What people call me: Niwy (call me Elin and I will kill you in the most painful way I can think of ^-^)
Age: 21
Main Character: Niwy - 100 knight
Country: Sweden
Speaks: Swedish and English
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Class: Fighter

If I had to choose another class I would be: Archer
Other games I play: legend of zelda, super mario, sims
Interests: gaming, books, animals and movies
Favourite Book: harry potter, hungergames and pillars of the earth
Favourite Movie: Troy
Music I listen to: almost everything
favourite Quote: "if you think i hate you  there's a 98% chance you're right"
This is me: I'm a weirdo

Real name: Boud
What people call me: Boud
Age: 21
Main Character: Impercussus
Country: Sweden
Speaks: Dutch, English, some German
Favourite Colour: ehm.... blue?
Favourite Class: Archers
If I had to choose another class I would be: Trickster
Other games I play: Elder Scrolls, League of Legends

Interests: Fantasy stories and food
Favourite Books: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Favourite Movie: Rat Race / Jumanji
Music I listen to: Anything that's playing
Favourite Quote: If You and I both have one apple, and we trade apples, we both still have one apple. However, If you and I were to trade ideas, we would both have two ideas.
- Mark Twain ( I think )
This is me: jolly, punny, animal-loving, totally handsome gamer who can always be found easily