Happy Puppies


Guild Rules

Happy Puppies is a friendly guild, so our main rule is simple; Stay friendly. Don't cause a lot of drama with people, don't be rude in the chats, try to stay calm and most important, stay friends with the rest of the guild/academy.




Follow the game rules.

This should be obvious, but it doesn’t seem like it is to some people. So to make it clear. We are following the game rules that are written for Fiesta Online. You can find them all on the official forum.

Follow the unwritten “rules”.

There are a bunch of inside rules in this game, mostly when it comes to rep spots, grinding, raids, GT, etc. We are trying to follow them to stay on the good side of other guilds. We will let you know if we hear about you breaking them, and we will help you learn them all.

Accept that everyone are different.

We have members from different countries, with different gender, sexuality, ethnicity, fandom etc. Every single one of us is unique, and that is something good. We are proud over ourselves and we do not in any way accept any bullying or racism in the guild.

Try to stay active. If you stop level or log on without telling us, we will kick you out soon enough.

Happy Puppies is a very active guild, and to keep it like that we need to kick some members out now and then. The academy is also getting cleaned daily, so if you get kicked out again, feel free to join back whenever you want to.

Be Polite

Yes it might sound silly, but for us being polite is very important. "pls" "plz" "ptm" and so on is not a polite way of asking for things and we don't like it at all in Happy Puppies. If you want to ask for a party then it's much nicer with a "party please" and a cleric will always be much happier if you ask "Can I have a buff please" or simply "buff please" instead of "buff pls". So full words are important, especially the word "please". Try to remember that.

Try to not insult or swear at people. Yes it’s ok to be mad, but act calm and keep it for yourself.

We do accept some raging now and then, but try not to do it too often :) Everyone gets pissed off sometimes but don't let it go out on the whole guild.

Don't spam the chat. Not the academy/guild chat or the normal one. It's annoying and no one likes it.

By spamming we mean repeating the same thing over and over again. You can ask a couple of times if nobody answer you, but make sure to actually give us some time to find an answer for you.

Know the difference between joke and insult.

Even if the person you are talking to might know that you are joking, people around might still take what you say pretty serious. Be careful when you talk about sensitive topics.

If someone ask you drop a topic, then do it without further discussion.

If you need help, feel free to ask, but don’t be mad if we are busy. We can’t help you 24/7, we’d like to level sometimes too.

We love to help though, so never be afraid to ask :) No questions are too stupid.

Don’t ask for plvl or money. In any chat.

It’s something that annoys everyone, and we do not accept laziness. If you really, really need some silver to restone or something, ask politely in the chat for a loan.

If you have problems with other members in the guild/academy. Talk to the master or anyone of the admins about it. We will do our best to help you sort it out. 

Again; Follow the game rules for PvP. You can find them on the official forum

Don't kill other members in PvP. 

Not from any of your characters. No matter what guild you are in on your main/alt. If you want to be a part of Happy Puppies you do not ever kill another puppy in pvp.

Unless the person clearly says it's ok or if you are both agreeing on some fun in pvp area.

What happens in PvP stays in PvP.

This is very important; many of us in Happy Puppies enjoy a good pvp. We like doing Guild Tournaments, a Guild War now and then and you can often find us in fbz3 or pvp kq. Because of this we had some problems with people taking it outside the pvp area and causing drama in town. This is not supposed to happen. If someone keep raging at you outside the pvp area, don’t answer. Log out, change map, ignore or even block the person is much better than answering. Let everything that happens in pvp stay in there. The same thing if you get angry with someone. Remember, it is just a game. Pvp is for fun, if you want to be a Happy Puppy, then actually stay happy. (At least in public, rage all you want in guildchat or Skype.