Happy Puppies




We all started here.

The academy is a place for lower levels that wants to join the guild or that just want some money/help from us. Most of the people who join the academy will never be a part of the guild, but at least they help us a bit on their way to find the perfect guild for just them.

You can join an academy from level 1 to level 60, after that, if you're not in a guild/academy already you need an invite to join.

In the academy you'll get rewards for leveling, at least you get some in the most of the academies in fiesta. So from level 10 to 60 yo have a chance to get money and items from the academy you are in, just by leveling.

Happy Puppies got nice rewards all the way to level 40, at level 40 you are not longer giving us any points or guildbuff for every level you reach and if you're not interested in staying all the way to level 60 this is the time to leave the academy and find another one.

Happy Puppies is trying to keep the guild and academy acitve, wich means we have to kick people every day. Mostly we kick people who doesn't level fast enough or thats not active in the chat.
If you feel that you still want to be in Happy Puppies even if we kicked you out, always feel free to join again, and let me know if you want me to think one more time before kicking you out. Some people get an extra chance just by being active in the chat.

How to make sure you won't get kicked out?

We have a lot of members in Happy Puppies academy right now, and we are getting more and more popular every day, so you have to understand that it’s impossible for us to always know who every single member is. We are three people working very hard to keep the guild active, friendly and a nice place to be, we are also making sure to kick out inactive people so we can make room for new, active members.

Because of this, there’s always a risk you will get kicked out. If that happens, and you still want to be a member of the academy, you can always join again.

So, how to make sure you won’t get kicked out?
Well, it’s difficult to give any promises, the academy is getting filled up every day, and 50 members are a lof of names to remember. But there are some things you can do to make us remember just you.

The most important thing is to be active in the chat, in an interesting way. If you chat a lot, small talk and just keep the chat active will make us see you, and we always think twice before we kick someone who is being active in chat. 

Other than that there is not much to do, and we can never promise that we won't kick you out. But as already said, you can always join back again.